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Born-Kite NASA STAR3 4,0m²

ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
146,00 EUR
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All sizes of the Born-Kite Nasa Star 3 (kite bag is included here) can be flown on either
a 2 line or 3 line depower bar.  
They can also easily be converted to fly off 4 line handles.
The 2,5qm NASA STAR -3 - finds its use light wind from only about 2,5Bft - 6Bft 
to 20m long lines.
(bar, lines, handleash or conversion are separate items)
Safety is greatest in the 3 line Depower bar mode achieved through a patented depower 
(Delta Sigma Pi) system.
By pulling in the third line which is attached to the top third of the kite, the 'nose' can be 
pulled in, lowering the profile of the kite and reducing the pull from 0 - 100% depending 
on the amount of pressure applied to the third line.
NST -3 - remains fully steerable in depowered state, without going into the backstall. The third line also acts as an effective safety. By triggering the quick release on the trapeze
loop, or by pulling the ball handle, all power can be released from the kite.

An optimized quadrant section of the Materials, and V - lines to the new "Air - halfpipes",
allow aprojected 5% wider sail area compared to the Nasa Star-2- . 
This provides a larger wind window with no loss of stability. A flatter profile at NASA STAR-3 increases the airspeed, additional servo lines let the kite rotate much faster than its predecessor, flying is fast and especially without flapping possible.

The very low weight (260g ) and extremely compact dimensions,
(H: 32cm, W: 21cm, D: 2cm / compressed ) of NASA STAR-3-makes

NASA STAR - 3 - is ideally suited for:
ATB & buggy - use
SUP - use in shallow water
as Trainig kite for kitesurfing