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Flysurfer PEAK 4 - kite only

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PEAK4... adventure awaits

The fourth generation of our PEAK is the obvious choice for the most progressive mountaineers and an essential tool in the growing backcountry kite touring movement. The fascination of climbing steep slopes in the lowest wind speeds shifts the boundaries of possibilities and lets you dream of days with endless deep snow descents. In the high mountains our athletes require absolute confidence in their equipment, the PEAK4 relies on safety-optimized technical features and further improves the strengths of the single-skin foilkite concept, as well as its flight feeling.The B-Safe System is the heart of the PEAK4 as it ensures maximum safety, as well as being simple and easy to reactive. The new reduced bridle layout is colour matched to create a better contrast with the ground and increase user-friendliness. Our tried and tested DLX+ and X-Light cloth material mix increases durability while still being able to make the PEAK4 the lightest FLYSURFER kite in the line up. Thanks to the new Hybrid Wingtip Technology, used for the 1st time in a production kite, PEAK riders will be able to experience unmatched stability as well as improved turning and bar feedback.The PEAK4 is confidence inspiring and offers a familiar flying feel with continuous power delivery and increased backstall resistance. The result is an ultra-light freeride kite for every beginner which will also meet the needs of daring outdoor athletes.Experience a new dimension on snow, sand, grass or asphalt. Your next adventure awaits you ...

Hybrid Wingtip Technology

Hybrid Wingtip Technology consists of two self-inflating cells on each wingtip of the kite. The openings are protected with mesh material to prevent entry of snow or dirt. The more efficient aerodynamics of the wingtip allows for tighter turning with constant pull, as well as increased backstall resistance. Through that the bar feedback has been improved considerably, and the flapping of the tip is almost eliminated, giving the PEAK4 a sporty but familiar and confidence inspiring feeling.

B-Safe System 

The B-Safe System is guided along the B-Level attachment points, through polypropylene sliding rings. After activating the quick release, the bar slides up the 5th line and the kite is reefed horizontally in the middle. This removes the pressure in the kite and allows it to come down powerless through the wind window. The PEAK4 can then be reactivated immediately and can be restarted in the power zone. Independent launching and landing of the PEAK4 is fully supported by this safety system.

Single Skin Foilkite Concept

The Single-Skin foilkite concept has a very efficient depower and allows for immediate loss of power using the bar throw, offering the PEAK4 high levels of safety on the mountain. Its performance and unparalleled traction generate amazing power per square metre. Increased profile curvature for the PEAK4 maximises lift and agility. The most obvious benefit of the Single Skin concept is the reduced mass of the kite, allowing the PEAK4 to be stable whilst flying at the edge of the wind window in the slightest breeze, without overflying and remaining easy to control in low to high winds.

Optimized Construction

The PEAK4 uses our proven material mix of DLX+ & X-Light cloth, as well as new reinforcements in areas subject to particularly high loads such as the leading edge, the wingtip and the trailing edge of the kite. The single skin concept simply collapses during hard crashes on the leading edge, and therefore can not burst or be badly damaged. The new outline of the PEAK4, the reduced number of cells and bridle layout, in addition to the use of X-Light cloth used for large areas of the canopy, result in an incredibly light kite, which has the smallest pack size and is therefore perfectly suited for kite touring.

Optimized bridle line reduction and hybrid wingtip technology: The PEAK4 produces less drag and even better bar feedback, this results in a slight performance boost. 

New reinforcements on the leading edge to improve durability in specific stress areas.

Snowkiting is an extreme sport and we are aware of the high risks in the mountains. The immediate loss of power and a controlled release of the kite is the outcome of our extensive safety tests. The easy reactivation makes the system even more advanced than a single front line safety.

The PEAK4 is a completely new design which maintains all the benefits of the PEAK3, whilst improving the feel of the kite in flight and safety features.

The requirements of the PEAK: Tight turning with highest backstall resistance, maximum pull with minimum surface area, smallest pack size, stability in light wind, as well as immediate loss of power in any situation. A single skin foilkite has all the advantages for high alpine snowkite touring, because in emergency situations the PEAK can simply be crashed into the slope to lose its power. On the other hand, Double Skin or Open Cell kites can still drift off, slide down the slope and potentially drag you away.

The “fluttering” of the canopy on single skin concept kites is necessary to achieve efficient depower. It allows for the large range of use on the PEAK. Hybrid Wingtip Technology allows us to minimise the fluttering, however there will always be a slight frequency which can be felt through the bar.

We recommend for Ski 8/5/3m or 8/4m and for Snowboard 11/8/5m

The PEAK4 can be flown with either the B-Safe system or the Front-Line Safety system(FLS). If you want to use the B-Safe system, you must use the CONNECT Bar System which was specially developed for this purpose. We recommend size M for all sizes of PEAK4. If you want to use the Front-Line Safety system then you must use a INFINITY 3.0 Bar System. Alternatively any conventional 4-line bar with a single front line safety and equally long flying lines can be used for the PEAK4

To climb up the mountain, the PEAK4 flies best on 20m or 21m flying lines. In training / school use, we recommend 14 or 17m flying lines.

The B-Safe system can be activated with any 5th line safety control bar which has equal length flying lines. To do this, the enclosed set of PEAK4 B-Safe top lines need to be connected to the kite and the 5th line.

Mountaineers who are looking for a new extreme sport and a natural lift up to the next peak. 

If you are looking for a low budget super fun kite on land or snow. There is no better option. 

Its a must-have for kiteschools, call it the moneymaker and sell every training on land. Your instructors will love a light wind day.