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HQ Powerkites - Montana IX - RTF -

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With the new Montana IX, the most versatile kite on the market will be released. A new shape and air intake
design increases internal pressure, making the Montana IX extremely stable for hard use in the backcountry or
aggressive freestyle moves. Tight turns with loads of power will pull you up every peak, while the linear
depower gives you confidence to react to changing conditions. The Montana IX offers all you need for sick
freestyle moves: explosive lift and enough pop for going unhooked.The all new Montana is built with light weight
30D fabric and provides super direct handling while offering maximum rider comfort. This kite can be used by
beginners and is not only intended for pro´s.
Kite Details
1. Air Intakes
New air intake design for higher internal pressure.
2. Material
30 denier fabric for optimized handling and light wind use.
3. Bridle
Pre-stretched and spliced Dyneema lines.
4. Shape
Highly depowerable Open C-Shape. Direct, precise and sharp!
Bar Details
De-Power Control Bar 49 cm
Dyneema Line Set: Back Lines 2 x 22m 275 kp, 2 x 22 m 300kp
De-Power Control Bar 55 cm
Dyneema Line Set: Backlines 275 kp, 2 x 25 m, 300 kp, 2 x 25 m
High quality clamcleat for ease of infinite adjustment.
Ergonomic bar grip with a polished stainless steel center hole and laser engraving. Material: Composite
Auto Positioning Chicken Loop
Advanced magnetic chicken loop that is safe to release and uncomplicated to reassemble.
Stainless Steel Swivel
Rust-free, super light self-untwisting swivel for maximum rotations.
Dyneema Lines
High quality pre-stretched Dyneema lines with almost no elongation for a super direct feel. Sleeved and
stitched ends with a maximum load of 300 kg.