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Flysurfer RADICAL5

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649,00 EUR
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Performance on demand by Flysurfer Kiteboarding with the crossover freestyle twintip, we give you the Radical5.

We were able to create a new riding experience thanks to an optimised rocker curve, a stiffer mid-section and improved flex. This gives even more control and grip, better pop and less spray while riding. Our proven combination of wood and foam core makes the Radical5 a very lightweight, durable and dynamic board. Whether you are into airstyle or wakestyle the Radical5 simply does not disappoint.

The increased rocker allows for more powerful landings, while the stiffer mid-section enables easier and bigger take-offs when trying your latest freestyle tricks. The improved flex pattern still lets you to go as big as you want, and retain maximum control while overpowered.

Enhanced overall performance featuring a heelside channel, tucked-under edges, ergonomic outline and the new Click n Ride fin system, makes traveling even easier then ever before with this board. Cut no corners and get one now!

Range of Use

The Radical5 is a crossover performance board by Flysurfer for freeride, freestyle and wakestyle.

Space’n’Galaxy“ Pad-Strap-Combo

The new and improved Space Pads, with more grip and very good damping characteristics for soft landing and the high-grade Galaxy Straps, which allow for a perfect fit and hold, round off the Radical5 package.

These straps can be adjusted on both sides and can be used from shoe size EU 39 (barefoot) to about size EU 48 (with neoprene shoes).

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